Need a summary of your event in the form of a striking video? We have made follow-up movies for client days and corporate events. Customers include Promo Cash&Carry, Lõunakeskus, Sanitex, Myfitness, Sportland.

Video broadcasts on the web

Want to be visible to many at people at the same time? Want the company’s branch offices around the world to see your presentation? Want a broad-based webcast and audience for your event? We have video technology that allows you to broadcast on most streaming platforms or even on your company’s internal web.

Live video for screens

Ability to produce live pictures for LED screens with multi-cam recordings. Experience with multi-camera techniques gained from the production of shows „Best Baker in Estonia (TV3) and „Worst Driver in Estonia“ (TV3), as well as special projects (NCAB Kõrvemaa Race).

Promotional clip / corporate video

Need a more personal approach? Want to send your message to a specific audience, potential customers, and partners? Want your business to be understood universally without having to explain it using email or slides? We can produce an advertising clip or corporate video starting from a script, texts, recordings to editing and finishing.

Animations and moving graphics

We have created animations and moving graphics for LED screens for various events. Animations on large screens are an especially effective way to convey the message and catch the eye! Take, for example, the major event “The Night of Wonders” at Lõunakeskus, various moving logos at company events, messages with photos and video.

Technical implementation

Want to organize an event, but don't want to bother yourself with technical questions? We organize the technical side from the idea to the final solution. A stage, sound, light, screens, rigging, video production.